CIMMYT’s Hybrid Two Row Planter

A lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, Dr. Special Musoni has completed initial work done by FACASI in fabricating a two row planter. He has turned it into a fully operational unit with really nice features! Some of these features include:

It is fitted with the Chinese made 12 cell vertical spoon seed meters

It is fitted with an operator platform at the rear.

Fertilizer boxes have been fitted, and separate fertilizer placement is available.

Minimum disturbance points on vertical narrow shank tines have been fitted.

The swiveling tail wheels at the rear double as press wheels.

Row (line) spacing is adjustable with the clamping system on the tool bars.

Special has also made up an alternative contour following disc opener unit, using many of the design features of the CIMMYT Hybrid planter

This planter is fitted with two Chinese made double disc soil engaging tools. These are on drag arms which are spring loaded.

Each disc unit is also equipped with a pair of angled press wheels to firm the newly planted seeds, as well as acting as a depth control arrangement.

A pair of tail wheels to support the tool bars are also attached.

A pair of vertical 12 cell seed maters is also fitted. Fertiliser boxes with fluted roller metering as similar to the original CIMMYT Hybrid model.

Note that the planter mechanism is driven by a ground wheel, whereas the previous model is driven from the main drive wheel of the 2WT.

If you’d like further information please contact Special Musoni at


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