Breaking Ground

Learn more about conservation agriculture and how smallholder farmers across the developing world are mechanizing through innovation. 

Engine on Wheels: the Smart Tractor is a multi-purpose power source for wet and dry season farm applications.
Easy to Use: the Smart Tractor comes with both crank and electric start options for users with different needs.
More Efficient: compared to both animals and humans, the Smart Tractor is cheaper, more, efficient, and less resource intensive.
Multipurpose: easily swap implements in the field with minimal tools (e.g. tiller, seeder, water pump/sprinkler, reapers, thresher, generator, trailer, etc.)
Small Plot Appropriate: the Smart Tractor has a small turning radius which is ideal for small plots and sloped terrains.
Fuel Efficient: the Smart Tractor is up to 10x more fuel efficient than larger tractors and has a much smaller carbon footprint.
Lightweight: the Smart Tractor’s lower weight reduces soil compaction and improves long-term soil health/fertility.
Smarter Mechanization

The two-wheel tractor is the world’s first multipurpose tractor designed for rugged small plots of land. It comes with attachments for land prep, irrigation, harvest, and transport, keeping the machine active throughout the year. With technology and new business models, this machine has the potential to radically change smallholder systems.

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Resource Partner

Hello Tractor has partnered with FACASI (a CIMMYT-led and ACIAR-funded initiative) to bring you relevant and up to date information on small farm mechanization, conservation agriculture, and smart business models to ensure maximum smallholder impact. This site is your resource guide to all things related to sustainable smallholder mechanization. 

Delve Into A World Of Mechanized Agriculture 

See videos from the field with informative clips and tutorials from our valued partners!

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Small-scale mechanization using 2wheel tractors

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FACASI’s cartoon book provides an easy read to anyone looking to understand the benefits of the two-wheel tractor for farm mechanization.